THD Bandy

THD Bandy Suction Disposable Ligator

Fast: No cleaning or disinfection required, allows treating of several patients in the same session

Easy to use: Extremely easy elastic band reloading

Full control: Transparency allows full control over the tissue when suction is applied

Loadable with 1 hand: No assistance required with our special loading device

Disposable: Disposable system makes it ready for immediate usage

THD Bandy is a disposable suction ligator ready for immediate usage. It does not require washing or sterilization. Once the package has been opened, the elastic band is loaded by means of an innovative loading cone and a feed slide. The doctor or nurse can position the elastic band with one hand without needing any assistance. After connection to a suction system, the surgeon can control the desired quantity of aspirated tissue around which the elastic band will be released by pulling the trigger. When suction is deactivated, the ligated tissue is then released.

THD Bandy is packed in a disposable blister pack together with the elastic bands and special loading system. Each kit contains: Suction Ligator, loading cone, feed slide and 4 elastic bands.