About THD

THD History


In 2004, the biomedical division of a well-known, consolidated industrial group located near Reggio Emilia – Italy – began the promotion and sale of electro-medical devices used for carrying out the THD procedure: a new minimally-invasive technique for haemorrhoid surgery.

In 2007, the excellent results obtained thanks to this new procedure made it possible to set up a new independent industrial company within the group, which takes its name from the same method: In this way, THD S.p.A. was created, based in Correggio, in the province of Reggio Emilia.

Aided by its expertise and past experience in clinical environments, research and development, rapid prototyping and 3D design, THD S.p.A. is now a well-known reality in the scientific world.

THD S.p.A. is currently enjoying constantly growing international consent and plays an important part in the field of haemorrhoid treatment.

The high quality of the materials used, constant technological and medical research, the design and production of innovative devices – thanks to the work carried out by a pool of designers, doctors and researchers – have allowed the company to distinguish itself in the world of coloproctologic treatment.

The quality and the efficacy of THD products, combined with a prompt, advanced service, have satisfied requests from surgeons and medical centres in more than 50 countries worldwide, making THD S.p.A. a reference point for haemorrhoid treatment. Moreover, in the USA, it has obtained FDA Clearance for the THD device, for anoscopes and proctoscopes.

The development of new THD pharmaceutical products, specifically for the prevention of haemorrhoids and pre and post-surgery patient management, is the natural completion of the lines of products already present on the market, following the promising results achieved and the experience matured in the proctologic field.

Today, the THD group employs 60 people and can boast a solid international distribution network, supported by a pool of researchers and local specialists who are at the cutting edge of the coloproctologic sector. The company also has branches in the United States, in Great Britain and in Brazil.

Thanks to the efficient results and the absence of significant side effects compared to other types of surgical treatment, the THD procedure has recently been acknowledged by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence NICE, the independent British institute that issues influential guidelines in the healthcare sector, also accredited by the international scientific community.